Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Art Research

I was contacted last week by a student at St. Louis University, my alma mater. She and two friends were doing a presentation for a communications class about our graffiti-permitted flood wall, its artistic merit, place in the community and public reaction. They found some of the several posts on this blog about the wall (this one in particular) and sent me an email. Could they interview me? Sure. I'm an old Billiken, too. Happy to help.

We met late yesterday at the wall. Paint Louis, the annual re-do of the wall, happened a couple of weeks ago and I totally missed it. Still, it was all new and fresh, sort of an annual rebirth. Aubra, Jacqueline and Hanna put me in front of this section and did a video Q & A session. After I was done they stopped any passer-by they could find. The runner in the bottom photo was from Portland, Oregon. He didn't know much about the wall but he liked it.

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William Kendall said...

Always good to make contact with people like that! Terrific shots.