Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My Kind Of Town

My Kind Of Town

The essentials painted on the flood wall: the Arch, the baseball stadium, the downtown Hilton Hotel for some reason, the Four Seasons Hotel and Lumiere Place casino. Plus some do-dads and ornament. And an unexpected proposal. I like how the sharp lettering appears to break through the Arch's skin.

Sometimes CDP blogs get debates about the value or horror of graffiti. Remember that this appears in a place where it is not only permitted, it is encouraged. I like the boldness, color and fantasy a lot. It is art.

I edited the picture of my granddaughter below since I did yesterday's post. I like it. Kim likes it. We like Seattle. Seattle won the Super Bowl. So there you go. Perhaps if Caravaggio painted pictures of babies one might look like this.

Madeleine 2014-02-01 3


TheChieftess said...

Oh!...What a beautiful baby!!! (and what a beautiful photograph!!!)

Olivier said...

tu aurais pu la choisir aussi pour la photo du Jeudi et ta serie sur l'arche.
j'aime cette fresque murale, et les petits details amusant comme cet avion avec sa demande en mariage ;)
Bravo a Seattle

Bibi said...

I don't mind this kind of street art. There's a lot around here, and it cheers things up. Gorgeous little Madeline, edited or not.

Luis Gomez said...

Madeline is gorgeous! I like street art when it is not well, just tags.

cieldequimper said...

I like some street art, not all of it. This is in the middle category...

Yes, yes, yes, Seahawks! :-)

Caravaggio would have adored Madeleine.

William Kendall said...

Caravaggio would be pleased!

It's the tagging on this one that I'd have objections to, but the style of the places on the mural work.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Yeh if only the taggers would 'sling their hooks' :) come on Bob, Madeleine is way too young and beautiful to be edited already :)

Jack said...

I am in the Rarely Like Street "Art" category, but if this one is in a permitted location, then bravo, it is fascinating and well done.

And, lovely portrait of the wonder girl.