Monday, October 2, 2017

Madeleine Monday: Fire Chief

Madeleine wanted to do everything at the Christ Lutheran Church anniversary festival. The municipality brought over a fire truck and police car for the kids and their parents to check out. Our tyke is ready to drive the big red truck away, even though she may not be able to see over the dashboard, let alone reach the pedals. Note that she insisted on putting her seat belt by herself.

Webster Groves is a nice place to live. We are an older, inner ring suburb of the city proper with lots of community services, many restaurants, good schools, and a wide variety of architecture. The area's main opera company and the repertory theater are in town, playing in a theater on the campus of Webster University. Our home is 11 miles from my office, a straight shot down the Interstate. The Crowe family has lived here for something between 25 and 30 years. When I was a kid riding the New York subway I would never have dreamed I'd end up here but no regrets at all.     


Sharon said...

Madeleine looks like she is all business here!

William Kendall said...

She certainly seems at home behind the wheel!