Sunday, October 15, 2017

Who Put The Art In Artica?

Finally, a post going up on time. It seems to take a quiet Saturday evening to get it done (except that Madeleine is on the floor next to me banging on her toy xylophone).

The Artica festival had music, performance art, some painting and a lot of sculpture. I get so fixed on cruising the area for images that I don't talk to the creators enough, missing out on titles and interpretation. The piece above is intriguing. Never seen a figure in a lotus position with up-stretched arms before. See what you like in the colors and symbols on the mannequin. The second photo is, literally, a bed of crutches. Someone said they were going to burn it after the main bonfire Sunday night. I wasn't out that late.      


PerthDailyPhoto said...

Oh I'm guessing these two pieces will have a lot of meaning to them Bob! The symbols seem to be a mixture of astrological and pagan signs. The crutches a reference to the number of young people returning from unnecessary wars minus limbs perhaps? Wild guesses on my part 😀 Excellent series of images on the Artica festival.

Jack said...

I go back and forth between thinking the work should speak for itself and wanting to hear what the artist intended. In a surprising number of instances when I have asked, an artist has been surprisingly inarticulate and said little more than "I liked it" or "I thought it was interesting."

William Kendall said...

That first one really stands out to me.