Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Michigan Division

Hello again from Clare, Michigan, where son Andy, his wife Claire and little granddaughter Audrey live. Claire grew up here and her parents still live in town. Audrey is 20 months old. (Andy can speak for himself.) It's a big change from their former home in Chicago. Blood pressure tends to run lower here.

This Clare - Claire thing is confusing. Clalre was born elsewhere in Michigan and her family moved to Clare when she was young. Clare is named for County Clare in Ireland, where my father's family comes from. Lots of knots.

After dinner at their home we took a dessert walk to renowned Cops & Doughnuts, where this picture was taken against a black linoleum floor.


s.c said...

All jewels at your family crown. Cute and great portrait again Bob.

Jack said...

Grandkids are such a fine gift. Enjoy your visit with this one.

Sharon said...

Enjoy your visit!

William Kendall said...

Audrey is such a cutie!