Saturday, April 8, 2017

Fringe Benefit

There was a run-up event Thursday night for the St. Louis Fringe Festival, whose main season is in August. The title was Five By Five - five adaptations (some quite loose) of fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm performed by five theater groups. Audience and cast members mingled during the social hour  and in the black box theater. There is a lot more good stuff to come from this.

I don’t know if the MoMA thing is a done deal yet. I do now know that this is not a photography show. It’s sort of an exhibit about modern fashion history featuring specific items of clothing or accessories. I think they want my picture for a section about black leather jackets. Not sure if a final selection has been made. I couldn’t find the hi res version of the photo but I did find the original raw file. It can be re-edited. Hope it works.    


William Kendall said...

The festival is going to be fun!

Sharon said...

That top photo is awesome. Keep us posted on the MoMA deal.