Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Best Zoo In America

Is the St. Louis Zoo, according to a recent poll conducted by that esteemed journal, USA Today. Last year it was named the best free attraction in America. It is! A little bump in our real estate taxes keeps the zoo, art museum and history museum free to everyone.

Frankly, we deserve the title. The community has made a huge investment in it since our kids were small and the place is transformed. Our family spent the day there yesterday, mostly for the benefit of you-know-who.

We could not have ordered a better spring day from Amazon. It was almost impossible to choose among all the great shots of Madeleine on the carousel so I may have to edit a bunch more and put them on Flickr. And the children weren't the only good portrait subjects.

The Cardinals' opening day rally is this afternoon. Looks like I'll have enough material for awhile.


s.c said...

Great shots and that it stil is possible to keep the zoo, art museum and history museum free thanks to the taxes is wonderful. Not here in the Netherlands.

William Kendall said...

Madeleine looks cheerful!

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Two very cute shots Bob, of course Madeleine wins hands down. We're off to Sydney on Thursday for my granddaughter's third birthday, looking forward to a day at Taronga zoo.

Antjas said...

My son started attending WashU back in 2008. That is when I first started following your blog so that I could see my son's new world. While at WashU he even took a class at the zoo, studying donkeys. He loved that zoo and spent much of his spare time there. Thanks for posting.