Sunday, February 8, 2015


Playa Langosta Sunset 2015-02-07 1

Yes, we have come back to Playa Langosta, Tamarindo, Costa Rica. I am using my sketchy Spanish when I can y estoy aprendiendo poco a poco. (Volver means to return or come back. It's also the title of my favorite Carlos Gardel song but we're in Costa Rica, not Argentina, so let's move along.) 

We got to Dave Selden and Julie Pace's gorgeous condo just before sunset. Mrs. C and I both have terrible colds (really had to stifle ourselves at immigration) and we wanted to just fall onto something soft. There was no way I was going to miss this, though.

We have no plans whatever for the week. First, we have to try to get better. Then we'll see.

The bottom picture makes me think of a rather close-up view of Jupiter.                                 

Playa Langosta Sunset 2015-02-07 2


PerthDailyPhoto said...

Lucky you two.. Hurry and get over the colds and enjoy yourselves, with sunsets like this it looks like you are in paradise :)

Luis Gomez said...

Bob, I truly hope you both get well soon and enjoy.

Birdman said...

For you, I'll just say, "Ah...."
Enjoy these warm days.
Ya, lucky for sure.

Sharon said...

Ahhh....those Costa Rican sunsets. Get better and enjoy!

Memphis MOJO said...

Enjoy your vacation. Costa Rica is on my bucket list.

cieldequimper said...

This kind of sight should help you recover very swiftly!

William Kendall said...

Amazing sunset shots, Bob!

Get your rest!

Jack said...

It is a pretty sky. Go lie out on that beach and let the warmth do its thing on your wife and you.