Friday, February 20, 2015

Botany Overload

Tenorio Rain Forest 2015-02-10 12

I'm, um, sort of scraping the bottom of the barrel for Costa Rica pictures. No chance to do new local material until tomorrow at best. May or may not have something ready for Saturday morning.

So, for the moment, a bit more rain forest flora. As I've said, I grew up in a concrete jungle. If I wanted any real greenery I had to go to Central Park. However, our guide from 3 Monkies seemed to know everything that grew, crawled or flew in those thickets. I don't remember what any of these things are, except that the middle one is some kind of mushroom/fungus that grows on rotting tree trunks and the last one is an unknowable tree that sprouts seed pods that look like eggplant right through the bark.

It was all a wonder but I'm a city kid. And I'm eligible for all senior citizens discounts as of today, which gives me an excuse for a leaky memory.                                    

Tenorio Rain Forest 2015-02-10 13

Tenorio Rain Forest 2015-02-10 15


s.c said...

Interesting shots. Especially the last one. Didn't know that this was possible but I am also from the concrete jungle. Thanks for showing.

Sharon said...

Great shots! I've never seen anything like to seed pods. They look alien to me.

Luis Gomez said...

These are so wonderful!

William Kendall said...

Those seed pods do look bizarre! I hear you've got some nasty weather coming through.

Memphis MOJO said...

Well, they certainly are not scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Jack said...

Aha! A significant birthday! But some places give senior discounts as early as 50, so I assume The Number is a bit higher. The one to celebrate raucously is 65, when Medicare kicks in.