Friday, February 13, 2015

Bite Me

Playa Grande Estuary 2015-02-12 1

They got crocodiles in the river here!

Actually, not quite a river. There is an estuary between Tamarindo and Playa Grande that goes a couple of miles inland. Playa Grande is a national wildlife preserve. This is the beach where leatherback turtles come to lay their eggs. You can take a boat tour, which we did yesterday. The lower reaches are salt water, a perfect hangout for crocodiles. 

There is lots of other wildlife, particularly birds. I think that's a snowy egret in the second photo. Beneath that, the cute iguana is a much less menacing cousin of the croc. We don't know the birds in the bottom photo. Any insights?
Playa Grande Estuary 2015-02-12 2

Playa Grande Estuary 2015-02-12 4

Playa Grande Estuary 2015-02-12 3


ClickNCamera said...

Love the title of your post! Great photos...enjoy your day!

Sharon said...

I wouldn't want to run into that big guy on the beach!

William Kendall said...

That is a big croc. You don't want to get close to him!

Birdman said...

You and Jack doing egrets today. I'm chuckling at your title today. Don't forget sunblock.

cieldequimper said...

Sorry I really don't like those crocodiles... You're certainly making a few cool encounters!

Stefan Jansson said...

I have had several nightmares in my life, and there's often a croc in the story. Nice snap of the beast.

Olivier said...

mon dieu, un sac a main vivant ;)
superbe serie animaliere

Jack said...

Nice crocodile photo, Bob. That looks like an ibis, not an egret.

Nathalie H.D. said...

I agree with Jack - the beaks tell me these birds are a variety of ibis.

Lovely wildlife series.

Nathalie H.D. said...

White Ibis
Eudocimus albus

check out

Love the croc!!!