Monday, February 16, 2015

Tamarindo Portraits

Pizza Maker 2

People shots around town:

The pizza maker at La Esquina.

Mr. Honey, a vendor at the weekly farmers market, Feria Tamarindo.

Three Italian guys on Playa Langosta. As happens so often, they saw my big camera and asked me to take their picture with their little camera. Then I got a few for myself.

Waiting for the fire dancers at Latitude Blue. Looks like a low-end version of the last supper. We had ours in the condo last night. Back to STL today, where it's really cold and snowing hard at the moment.

No local material so I'll stick with the tropics for a bit.                        

Mr. Honey

Three Italian Guys Playa Langosta2015-02-14

Cena En La Playa 2015-02-11


Olivier said...

Beaux portraits, avec une préférence pour la dernière photo, qui pourrait être sortie d'un film

en réponse a ta remarque "In France, this is art. In the U.S. the government thinks it is vandalism." en France c'est aussi considéré comme du Vandalisme, mais dans ce cas précis (et c'est une premiere en France), c'est la ville d'Evry qui a invité Clet pour un festival de "Street art" , donc c'est legal

Luis Gomez said...

Love these!

Luis Gomez said...

Love these!

PerthDailyPhoto said...

The locals are a happy lot Bob, must be something in the water :)

Sharon said...

These are all great shots but I think I like the last supper the best. What a great catch! I bet you hate to leave the warmth!

Birdman said...

What are the women up to in your final shot? Looks like they are scheming something. Having a swell time that's for sure.
Heading back to the Big Lou today? Let me reintroduce you to Mr. Shovel. hahahaha

cieldequimper said...

One of those Italian blokes is rather hunky. Sorry, couldn't resist that.

The last shot should be in a sociology book.

William Kendall said...

Terrific portrait shots, Bob!

Jack said...

Fun portraits.

Nathalie H.D. said...

All first three photos are fun, nice and to a certain extent predictable... but the last, aaaah the last! Priceless. And to me, incredibly exotic. Your title made me chuckle.

Stefan Jansson said...

All good portraits.