Monday, December 3, 2012

Brad, Still On Guard

Brad On Guard 1

I met this man two years ago - my first post about him was on December 6, 2010. He stood under the Arch beside the Mississippi for six hours every Sunday, offering prayer to those who want prayer, as he put it to me. These days I often see him on Saturday, too. He never engages anyone himself but will respond to those who speak to him. He preaches, of course. Last weekend I heard him going on about the great frequency of earthquakes these days. He can be a bit hectoring but then you can listen or leave as you please.

Brad - he's only given me his first name - is becoming a St. Louis institution, like Father Time. Unfortunately, locals don't get down to the riverfront that often and I doubt he's well known. He's way out there but it's not for me to judge him. I'm just glad this middlin' town has its eccentrics.

Still fooling around with Lensbaby-HDR images in the top picture. The second is a lagniappe, an Arch picture on Monday. 


Brad On Guard 2

Brad On Guard 3

Brad On Guard 4


Stefan Jansson said...

I don't think we have people like him where I live.

biebkriebels said...

Get a life, some people are sticked in the groove.

Memphis MOJO said...

Every day is a good day for an Arch shot.

William Kendall said...

Emphasis on eccentric, obviously!

Jack said...

Everyone needs a hobby, Bob.

Olivier said...

je vois que tu t'amuses avec ton lensbaby. la premiere photo est superbe

Unknown said...

Brad's "Speaker's Corner"! :-) I'm with Olivier as to the top shot. Pretty cool!

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Love the lensbaby effect Bob, I'm seriously thinking about getting one. As for Brad , he looks pretty harmless and if it means that we get an extra Arch shot, its all good!