Sunday, December 9, 2012

SEEN 2012 - Opening Night

SEEN 2012 Opening Night 3

Last night was the opening of our big year-end photo exhibit and competition, SEEN 2012. It is held at Studio Altius, a wonderful photographer's resource. The owner, David Cerven (tall guy in the first picture) provides professional lighting, backdrops and props for photographers who don't have their own. He also runs workshops, classes and group shoots. This is the sixth year of this show and it attracts some of the best local work.

I did okay. Judges at all kinds of art shows are, of course, completely crazy. They never pick your really good stuff. If they accept something, it's one you threw in at the last minute. The top prizes are awarded to treacly nonsense, except for two years ago when I got first place (that was different). Anyway, I got third in the Action category with this, first in Humor with this (hey, Virginia!) and first in Travel with this (check it out, Kim!). The latter was given ninth place out of more than a hundred images in the show (which, plus $2.25, would have gotten me home on the bus). Try again next year.

In the pix below, Mrs. C reviews an album of past winners; photojournalism shots were hung in front of multicolored backdrops; and Shawna performs the most important function at the show.

SEEN 2012 Opening Night 1

SEEN 2012 Opening Night 2

SEEN 2012 Opening Night 4


Ann said...

Congrats on your wins! You have some great work in the show! said...

Congratulations. Your three winners are deserving, as I am sure your other entries were as well.

I agree with you regarding the mystery at times of the process of judging photo contest winners.

Virginia said...

A Birmingham photo rocks a show in the Lou!!! Whoo hooo. You should have won all the prizes B!

Memphis MOJO said...

Nice job on your awards! I checked them out, great images.

William Kendall said...

Quite a busy night!

Jack said...

Well done, Bob. Each is a fine photograph. I thought the action photo was excellent . . . makes me wonder what the two that were judged better were.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Excellent,well done Bob, I really think your action shot should have got first place, its fantasic.