Monday, December 31, 2012

Year's End

Forest Park 2012-12-29 2

The last day of 2012. It has been a challenging time in my practice with significant changes in the field. The hours were often too long, taking time from other interests. It's also had special pleasures as Carolyn and I go through our 38th year happily together: the news about our grandchild; visits to Death Valley, Philadelphia, New York, Costa Rica, Birmingham, Seattle, Kansas and Los Angeles; and a week of intense photography study at the Maine Media Workshops. Now for another chapter.

We wrap up with sunset scenes in Forest Park taken Saturday, just to prove we got some snow this winter. Above, the Jewel Box, a giant greenhouse. Below, two views of Art Hill and the Grand Lagoon. The buildings in the background of the last one are part of Washington University Medical Center, where I sometimes get this and that fixed.

There are more good pictures of New York City (you can see them here) but I thought it best to end the year in St. Louis.

TOMORROW: A review of STL DPB's best photographs from 2012. IMHO, of course.

Forest Park 2012-12-29 3

Forest Park 2012-12-29 1


Olivier said...

merci pour tes photos de NYC, je vois que l'arbre du rockfeller center est toujours aussi beau...cela fait toujours rever.

Belle photo de st louis sous la neige, on l'attend toujours ici à Evry

Je te souhaite a toi et a Carolyn (ainsi que toute ta famille) une bonne et heurese année 2013.

Olivier said...

j'ai vu que tu avais maintenant un Olympus E-M5. tu arrêtes canon ? je connais pas trop les Olympus (a part les argentiques, qui était des superbes appareils) , tu en es content ?

s.c said...

Nice green house. It has place for some real high trees and beautiful landscape shots. I wish you a great photographic 2013.

William Kendall said...

The park does look lovely, Bob.

Happy New Year!

Birdman said...

Best to you and yours in 2013!
One highlight for me was meeting you in Portland in July and spending Sunday morning together.

Stefan Jansson said...

Nice way to end the year Bob. Always interesting to see what you will come up with. Gott Nytt År.