Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Chris Burchett


Chris Burchett 1
I suppose many City Daily photobloggers are always desperate for new material to post. I often go out wandering around the city on weekends, searching for something that catches my eye. That often involves certain favorite spots, like Forest Park. On Sunday afternoon, I was walking around the Grand Basin and heard the sound of music on the wind. I followed the sound and met Chris Burchett.

He was a young man with a guitar, a smile, a cowboy hat and rattlesnake skin boots. And what a musician. I listened to him play for a while, coaxing rhythm and melody from his instrument with lightning-fast fingers (more about which tomorrow). He's played jazz and rock but his thing now is country. Burchett is the first black country rock singer and recording artist to emerge from St. Louis. Go to his web site and listen to some of his stuff.

He said I could call him Cowboy.

Lumiere Place Today's post on Downtown St. Louis 365 argues that bad architecture knows no boundaries.

Chris Burchett 3


cieldequimper said...

Le hasard des rencontres: howdy cowboy! J'aime surtout la deuxième.

brattcat said...

I can almost hear him. Nicely captured. Is it really that warm there?

Luis Gomez said...

Beautiful portraits!

Birdman said...

Fabulous portrait and just super boots!

Oakland Daily Photo said...

How I envy this guy. What age is too late to learn an instrument?