Monday, February 28, 2011


Pan-Arab Democracy Rally 3
I had the best shooting weekend in ages, with carloads of good stuff from the Idiotarod and Naughti Gras. However, this goes to the front of the line.

Yesterday afternoon I went downtown to get some files for hearings today. Passing 4th and Market, I saw a crowd of people with the flags of many Arab nations in front of the Old Courthouse. Always have your camera, and it doesn't hurt to know where to find parking. There was a rally for freedom and democracy throughout the Arab world. Wonderful images and inspiration. More pictures to come. I
started a set on Flickr here, with many more photos to add.

Pan-Arab Democracy Rally 4

Too much to choose from. Coverage of the St. Louis Itiodarod continues on Downtown St. Louis 365.

2011 Idiotarod 5


Olivier said...

belle première photo, ce portrait est très marquant, bravo

cieldequimper said...

Let's just hope for the best. said...

Your photos posted today show people exercising freedom in support of others having the right to exercise freedom. The bumper sticker you showed yesterday was a different way of expressing freedom, not for others, but with the attitude that "it is all about me."

Sharon said...

Wonderful photos. So glad you were there to capture this!

Virginia said...

Both shots are excellent. Glad you had your camera ready!

Oakland Daily Photo said...

Too bad Libyans cannot carry such a placard without being shot at by their own government. The photo with the flags is quite compelling.

Bibi said...

Excellent shots, especially the poster one. Years and years ago, I remember Qaddafi as being kind of good-looking, in a wild he just looks wild...and deranged.

Nathalie H.D. said...

Thank you Bob for your excellent coverage of the event, I fully support the people of Egypt, Libya and other countries in in their for their rights and freedom.