Monday, February 7, 2011

It's The Annual Stupid Bowl Party!

Brasserie by Niche 3

Everyone in U.S. and at least one in France (right, Olivier?) knows that the Super Bowl, the American football championship game, was played last night. Mrs. C and I have no interest in football whatever. We consider it to be a violent, crass, marketing spectacle. For at least 25 years, we've always gone out to dinner during the event. It's our own private Stupid Bowl party.

We made a good choice this year, dining at Brasserie By Niche in the Central West End. It's a spin-off of Niche, ├╝ber-chef Gerard Craft's adventurous leader in the local fine dining scene. The Brasserie is warm, welcoming and a haven for Francophiles. Wonderful, satisfying Gallic country food. The service was very good. There is a broad, reasonably priced, mostly-French wine list. There in no television in the bar showing the game. It's a good value too. We'll be back.

The game is probably winding down as I write this. I don't know the score. Sorry, Olivier, but go Corsairs!

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Brasserie by Niche 2

Brasserie by Niche 1


cieldequimper said...

That actually made 2 French people though I couldn't care less. I'd have been to this place enjoying the opening games of the VI Nations rugby tournament.

Bibi said...

MUCH better than the Super Bowl....much, much....

brattcat said...

Very good choice, Mr and Mrs C.

Olivier said...

tu as rate un beau match et une belle victoire de Green Bay. En France on est beaucoup a le regarder (au moins tout les corsaires ;o)) mais je comprends et tu as fait un bon choix. (comment un Americain ne peut pas aimer le Foot Us ;o)) )

Virginia said...

Well I lived a stone's throw from Greenbay for a year a long time ago and never saw a game. I'm with you B, I'll take a nice French wine list over the SB any day.