Wednesday, February 16, 2011

High And Mighty

Federal Courts 1 BW

This is the Thomas F. Eagleton United States Courthouse, opened in 2000. Eagleton was a senator from Missouri. The building we saw yesterday was the former home of the federal courts, given to the state when this place opened.

It was state of the art when it was build. Indeed, it is the tallest courthouse in the country. Problem is, it completely blocks the view of the Arch when driving downtown from the west on the main highway. Doh! as Homer Simpson might say.

I swear I did not Photoshop those clouds in. I may have enhanced them a wee bit but that's just how they were. Maybe federal judges simply radiate power.

Downtown View From 10th And Clark 1 So, uh, what's across the street? This, if you care to look at Downtown St. Louis 365 today.


Olivier said...

le hdr rend très bien , avec en plus les nuages en mouvement, superbe

cieldequimper said...

Well if you swear, I'll believe you parce que c'est assez incroyable.

Nathalie said...

The clouds up there are too good to be true. Like CDQ I'll trust you on that one but geez yes, federal judges DO radiate power!!!

Sharon said...

OMG those clouds are amazing!

Virginia said...

Stunning shot B.