Sunday, July 18, 2010

Potato Juggler

There have been food vendors at the site of
Soulard Farmers Market continuously since 1779. It's a busy, off-beat and inexpensive place to shop food (one vendor sells roasted alligator on a stick). There was a small craft fair at the market yesterday (more about that soon). I took some pictures there and among the vendors' stalls. This young man was playing with the merchandise. I certainly couldn't do it.



Luis Gomez said...

I like this image very much!

Oakland Daily Photo said...

I totally envy anyone who knows how to juggle.

brattcat said...

Those are small potatoes ( :

Birdman said...

Hahaha, Kitty! I want to see the acorn squash get in the air. Now, that would be something!

Virginia said...

I can't get jugglers right to save me. I've tried here and in Paris. Good one B.

Unknown said...

Cool shot. I wish I could do it too.