Monday, July 19, 2010


Soulard Farmers Market has some vendors of things other than food. This man was selling Native American jewelry. Damn, he was a good model. Click the link in the left sidebar to my Flickr page to see a couple of other pictures of him. For some reason we got talking about the Lone Ranger, that racist Western adventure that ruled my childhood. The name Tonto, the LR's Indian companion, means fool or stupid in Spanish. Tonto always addressed the LR as kimo sabe. I thought it was a corruption of the Spanish que mas sabe, or "that knows more" in English. My subject (I didn't get his name - hope he emails me) said it was simply an Apache term for pale face.

This is why I went to that lighting workshop recently. We were in shade inside the market. Sunlight was coming in from the left and I had a flash mounted on the camera with a Lumiquest Pocket Bouncer at TTL -1 2/3. Wish I could hit it this well all the time.


Ed Pitts said...

Portraits are definitely your strongest suit, Bob. This one is particularly evocative.

Luis Gomez said...

Great shot Bob!

Virginia said...

Perfect in every way.

Don't suppose that "bouncer" will work on a pop up flash. Grrrr

T. Becque said...

That is a nice portrait and your flash and bouncer served you well.

Steffe said...

I fine portrait. I will have to check out the flickr photos and that pocket bouncer.