Saturday, July 3, 2010

Farewell To Camera Camp

Leaving Rockport, Maine, today and my class in mastering flash with Arlene Collins at the Maine Media Workshops. This is our class photo, engineered by Ms. Collins. She is putting. Our two wonderful teaching assistants, Jason Esposito and Vanessa Tierney, are in front. I'm to the teacher's left.

Thanks are also due to my classmates, Ted Lieverman, Kelley De Bettancourt, Francie Bishop Good and Elizabeth Albritton. Always cheerful and helpful, glad to share their experience and encouraging to their classmates.

Really good week. I learned how to use those &%@*^# flash units. I learned the steps in the speedlighting process (manual mode, expose for the ambient light, vary all the parameters as needed, use light modifiers as needed and check the results on the computer, not your camera. Thanks to Ted for the analysis.) Now I'm ready to go out and screw up these techniques on the streets of St. Louis. Practice and time will help get me there.

These weeks here at camera camp in Maine are as happy as I can get. No pressures from ordinary life. Just creativity and good people. Hope I can come back again.


brattcat said...

And you've done a splendid job of sharing the pleasure you took from this experience with the rest of us, both in your words and in the images you produced there. Thank you, Bob. said...

Thank you for taking us along, sort of, with you on your camp experience. You have helped remind us of how much we do not know about photography.

Virginia said...

Sniff sniff, our baby is graduating!!!!!! I'm so proud!!!!

BTW, you missed a good time on Thursday. Had to photograph inside my church for a project. My camera buddy Bill came along and forced (at gun point) me to use the %$#& tripod. I huffed and puffed and muttered obscentities under my breath ( right there in church!). He laughed and coaxed and coached from the sidelines as I wrestled that thing! He was right of course, I can't go through life using the handheld method in low light. Grrrrrr, I still hate it!