Saturday, July 24, 2010

Arts & Crafts

A little more from the craft fair next to Soulard Farmers Market last weekend. Mom, dad and daughter were selling costume jewelry. The young lady had a special warmth about her (and I am not saying this because it is supposed to be 100 F/38 C here today). After I took her picture she pointed to these charming, happy little necklaces and exclaimed "I made those!"

This weekend is the fifth annual St. Louis artists' open studio weekend. As I have in the past, I plan to wander from one to another (unless I wilt from the heat), asking artists if I can take candid portraits of them with their work (examples from past years here, here and here). Should give me blog material for days.



LD said...

Oh this is fantastic. First the girl who has an enchanting gypsy look.. and then the incredibly weirdly wonderful jewelry. This made me very happy.

brattcat said...

Keep drinking water...but not bottled water, Bob! Get a little metal thermos.

Virginia said...

Aww nice portrait!

I can't wait for the artist portraits. I remember them all from years past. Tonight I'm doing a National Photo Walk with a crowd of photographers downtown. Should be fun.