Sunday, July 11, 2010

Citygarden's First Anniversary

Hooray! Downtown's coolest art installation is a year old. They had a little celebration yesterday afternoon. Not a lot - there was a band playing traditional marches and a flamingo costume contest, which we may see in coming days. Toy flamingos are sort of the park's mascot, as seen below with a group of devoted flamingo fans.

There was a good crowd, as there is on most summer weekends. The kids play in the fountains and pond, adults sip a drink outside of the Terrace View Cafe, and everyone enjoys the art.



Luis Gomez said...

Great images Bob.

Virginia said...

What fun! Curious as to what they're watching on the big screen.

Olivier said...

vraiment j'adore cette sculpture, elle repr├ęsente la joie de vivre