Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday Arch Series

Stupid Arch tricks. I'm out of fresh ideas and keep making these HDR pictures that look like cover illustrations for science fiction novels. I need to clean out my head and eyes. I need more time to go out shooting. I need a sabbatical from work. Well, maybe I need more realistic goals.

Compare the Arch photo posted today on GATEWAY. It was shot three and a half years ago, at the time this obsession began. it's simpler, more elegant. It's better work in my view. But then i stop an think - does this photo have something legitimate to say on its own? See what you think.

On another note, thanks to my friend
Juergen Kuehn of Marburg, Germany, Daily Photo for nominating me for a Kreative Blogger award. I am honored that this is the second time one of our CDPB colleagues has done so. The blog is a labor of love or clinical disorder but I'm not sure which.

TOMORROW: I'll find something about St. Louis. Just don't know what yet.


cieldequimper said...

My jaw has just dropped! ;-)Congrats for the award.

Olivier said...

je trouve que c'est une des plus belles et des plus originales.
I find that it is one of the nicest and the most original.

Snapper said...

I have to admit I liked the Gateway image more. I guess a little HDR goes a long way with my eyes but considering I still shoot film on a regular basis (read Luddite tendencies), that probably doesn't mean much. That said, I like both images very much and wonder if maybe you aren't being too hard on yourself. Both images have something legitimate to say IMO. Stay after it Bob.

Virginia said...

I just left a comment on Gateway that I think I like the simple best today but I do understand your fascination with the HDR. After 3 years you need to play a little. And about that obsession. I diagnose it as clinical! I keep telling you that you need to keep taking those meds. HA

Congrats on the award, you deserve it.

PJ said...

You know how I feel about Archie. I can truthfully say that I like the photographs equally but for different reasons.
Snapper brings up a good point about maybe being too hard on yourself. Daily blogging requires a lot of shooting but only a few for posting so it's always about finding balance. Besides, who would you share your obsession with if you didn't have us?

I just found out that I'll be in New Orleans Sunday and Monday and I'm hoping there will be another day as well. My last visit was the year before Katrina.

patty said...

on first view, felt like you are looking down into the arch, but living in st louis, i know that it is looking up, your eyes playing tricks with your mind

Dan Jaboor said...

Today's photo is amazing! You've managed to turn the Arch into a reflecting pool, yet it's still recognisable as the Arch. Great work!

Juergen Kuehn said...

One more wondrous image of your series. Great view and impressing exposure technique.

Pat said...

that's cool