Friday, March 13, 2009

Portraits of St. Louis Artists - Barbara Merlotti

I met Barbara Merlotti when she came by Soulard Art Market to pick up the two works on the wall behind her. Merlotti's personal history and artistic style are complex. Rather than having me try to summarize it, I recommend that you read her artistic statement and biography. The work is small-scale, often postcard size, which produces considerable intimacy. The examples in the gallery on her web site strike me as charged, mysterious self-portraits, each with a different emotional tone. The pictures on the wall here are different, drawn with chalk pastel, speaking of lushness, rhythm and fertility.

WHAT I'M CONSIDERING: taking a little sabbatical from
the blog. In your first year of law school in the US, you usually learn a bunch of old English legal maxims, since that's the source of our system. One of them says that "the law is a jealous mistress,"
that is, we can be entrapped by our responsibilities. You could say the same of a daily photo blog. Nobody needs the headache of two mistresses. The second anniversary of this adventure is coming soon - of course I'll stay daily for that.

TOMORROW: portraits of St. Louis artists continues with Michael Matthes, painter.


Virginia said...

Beautiful portrait and I look forward to reading all about her. The sabbatical thing has me a little panicky but we'll chat ok?

PJ said...

I'm in love with Garrett Roberts.

PJ said...

PS There's no shame in not being a daily blogger. Just post once in awhile. We'll still come visit.

cieldequimper said...

If you picked up those two works behind the artist then wow! Lucky you!

Jen said...

I am also finding having two (law and the blog) to be way to much. And of course since law puts food on the table, we all know which one wins. Then again, I am not sure I ever had the followers you had. I will miss the daily picture, but since I have only been able to visit weekly lately anyways, I understand.