Friday, March 27, 2009

Old Technology

This is another view of the old power plant along the Mississippi that was in my post of March 8. It's interesting to see how it appears to have been built in different sections over time with differing colors and forms. Today, it all makes an interlocking whole.

I'm a lawyer, as most readers know, and I specialize in helping people get Social Security disability benefits. I was invited to speak to rheumatology grand rounds at the Washington University School of Medicine about Social Security disability's impact on physicians and their patients. After all, we serve the same people. The docs said they found it very informative.

I'm still dumpster diving for St. Louis pictures. Fortunately, the work pressure has eased up some and I hope to shoot some new material this weekend.

, I've added a bunch more New Orleans photos to the set on Flickr. Click here.


cieldequimper said...

You do a great job. Both as a lawyer and as a CDP blogger! Have a great weekend!

Virginia said...

Well we all know when lawyers talk, doctors listen!HA
Great shot today. I like the colors a lot! More NOLA? I'm on it.

Kim said...

Woah, brooding clouds and ancient plant make for a cool combo. Bob, did you do this one HDR? I love the grimy textures going on and it looks desaturated in that light. I think I can read the sign above the arch on the left, something about " Abandon Hope All. . ." can't quite make it all out. :-)
Hang in there. . .PARIS is coming! Turn in early each night if you can and get fortified for the trip.

Anonymous said...

Cool pic. I've been following The Times series on physicians and patients, which I find alternately frustrating and inspiring. I hope more physicians continue to attend lectures about the human aspect of their profession. And I hope more people like you take the time to help educate them.