Friday, August 8, 2008

Two Last Pictures from Kansas

Top: my mother in law's car. Its golden end pokes out of a dark garage on a brilliant Kansas day. The Pontiac has about 160,000 miles / 265,000 km on it and runs like a top. Never been in a drag race, I guarantee.

Bottom: sunset over my brother in law's farm. Cherokee Road, pictured Wednesday, runs between the soybeans in the foreground and the corn in the background. The picture has been wildly pumped up in Photoshop for that postcard look. This is not the kind of photography I like but, hey, people's tastes vary.

WHAT I TENTATIVELY DECIDED NOT TO DO TODAY: participate in the September 1 theme day. It just doesn't grab me. The only way I'd change my mind is if my law partner and her sister (and paralegal) agree to pose in this city. We've all worked together for twenty-something years. They are on vacation (together) this week so I can't ask them right now.

TOMORROW: the first of a three-part architecture series - Greek columns on Kingshighway.


Anonymous said...

That bottom photo is remarkable. Wow. And the car is nice too.

I have been dealing with rheumatoid arthritis in my hands. The chemotherapy drug doesn't stop the pain. Typing is a chore today.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville, Ohio

Virginia said...

Well postcard "pose" or not, it's a lovely photo. I like the mist coming off of the crops and the way you framed it with the tree. That old gold Ponitac is great. I am with you on the theme day thing. I can't find anyone in Birmingham England volunteer.

Sharon said...

Great sunset picture. The sky is beautiful.

PJ said...

I like the car photo. It looks like it's glowing with pride.