Sunday, August 17, 2008

The City Museum - Snakes!

I don't know much about herpetology but I know a good looking snake when I see one. Despite the fact that many members of this family are high and dry, there are a number of examples in the World Aquarium at the City Museum.

The official theme song of today's post is one of my all-time favorite ditties, Frank Zappa's Baby Snakes:

the dollar is up! The euro is down! The pound is down! Maybe I can afford to visit Europe next year.

TOMORROW: guidance for achieving inner peace from the City Museum. And, if I feel like it, maybe a lagniappe, like a werewolf in a high school letter jacket.


Kate said...

Yes, strange and really quite unusual in colour. Had to laugh, tho, because the first photo I opened today was of Luke on Virginia's Birmingham, Alabama of a baby's tiny toes with peaceful and serene music accompanying it. Then I open yours...beautiful in a different way but yet generating an often typical reaction of...hmmm, revulsion is too strong a word, but certainly not as embracing as little Luke!

Virginia said...

I am frankly worried that these guys are going to be eyeing Luke's tiny toes all day on the portal !! I managed to scoot their pictures up so I wouldn't have to look while I type this.
Nice colors, BYE!!!!

Unknown said...

That snake is beautiful!
Thank you for your nice comment on my blog.

Olivier said...

superbes photos de serpents, c'est captivant (et presque hypnotisant) a regarder.

beautiful photos of snakes, it's exciting (and almost mesmerizing) look.

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