Friday, August 22, 2008

HDR in Perspective (Poplar Street Bridge)

This picture was taken from the Missouri side of the Mississippi River looking east southeast toward Illinois. It is under the bridge that carries Interstates 55, 64 and 70 across the Big Muddy. It has an official name but nobody remembers what it is. Everybody calls it the Poplar Street Bridge.

I like this HDR better than some of the others because the light is strange and attractive. It looks like there is a low sun right over the far side of the bridge that somehow also illuminates the underside of the deck. If you look at the angles of light and shadow on the right you can tell that the sun was actually to my right and a bit behind me. I don't know enough about HDR yet to explain why this happened but it's kind of cool. Also like the ghostly car in the lower left.

WHAT'S A BIG RELIEF: no more legal hearings for two weeks (yippie!) and a week in the beautiful Pacific Northwest coming soon.

TOMORROW: keep on truckin' in HDR.

AND ONE MORE THING: happy birthday to team member ShadowyOne, our big kid. The family is going out to some new fusion restaurant tonight she's interested in. Hope it's not cold fusion.


Virginia said...

The light is interesting now that you point it out. I like the two telephone poles that look like they're going down!

Becky said...

I LOVE this picture. It caught my eye on the daily photo website. The perspective is incredible. Wonderful shot.

Jane Hards Photography said...

I'm such a stick in the mud that I do like plain old photography, not so much HDR. This kind of image is why.
Perspective, composition light, contrast all spot on. Real statement photography.

annulla said...

Fabulous shot! Wonderful perspective, I feel as though the traffic is roaring above my head.

Blather From Brooklyn