Saturday, August 2, 2008

STL CDPB On the Road: Kansas City (Portrait of Cameron)

The nomenclature gets confusing. This young man is my wife's brother's grandson. How do you define his relationship to me? Grand nephew-in-law? Anyway, Cameron here is nine weeks old and the hit of the show. Most of my wife's family in the KC area got together Friday night at Cafe Trio. Cate, you were right. It was terrific.

WHAT WAS, UH, A BIT EXCITING: I don't eat much red meat but, heck, I was in Kansas City so I ordered a Kansas City strip steak. Talking too much, eating too fast, and - oops - I got an inadequately chewed chunk of steak stuck at the junction of my trachea and esophagus. Oh oh!. My nephew Tom did the Heimlich on me and up it came. Cameron's mother, a doctor, looked horrified. I had another swig of wine, no worse for the crisis.
TOMORROW: Likely something from Marshall or Washington County, Kansas, but I haven't shot it yet.


Virginia said...

Yikes, that's scary isn't it!!! Glad you pulled through.
Cameron is a cutie for sure. Thanks for this pint sized portrait!

Knoxville Girl said...

Cameron looks like he is having a bit of excitement, which makes this portrait memorable.
Glad you survived your excitement.
In vino veritas.

Anonymous said...

Well, becoming a simultaneous carnivore and great conversationalist (aka, convervore) takes careful practice. Glad you're okay!

Ming the Merciless said...

I bet they're all thinking, that city boy doesn't know how to handle a real piece of steak. I bet he grew up eating those fancy schmacy Salsbury steak with mushroom gravy. HA! :-)

Glad to hear you survived meeting the in-law, literally!!!

Tash said...

Hurray for life-saver Tom. That's one quick acting young man.