Monday, August 18, 2008

The City Museum - Path to Inner Peace


Odds and ends from the City Museum. Near the temple of corn dogs featured a few days ago is a refreshments stand, selling popcorn and soft drinks for a dollar. Don't they have to buy gasoline? The sign above promotes a philosophy of life rejected by Buddha and Jesus, to name but two prophets, yet joyfully embraced by many of my fellow Americans. It doesn't work in the end. The picture on the left shows an artifact hanging around (nyuk nyuk nyuk) at the World Aquarium area for no obvious reason. Ladies, was there anyone like this at your high school?

WHAT I'M VISUALIZING: nine nights from now I'll be gazing at the Pacific Ocean and sea stacks on the western shore of Washington's Olympic Penninsula.

TOMORROW: a few final critters from the City Museum, then maybe on to a different topic. I've got something up my sleeve.


Virginia said...

I attain Inner Peace on each trip to TJ Maxx. All that's lacking is a bag of popcorn and a Coke. And the guy in the letter jacket?? Oh yeah.

Victor said...

Inner Peace Through Impulse Purchasing...isn't that on the $20 bill? Right under Andrew Jackson's portrait?

Anonymous said...

I like you comments as much as your post.

ananda.tashie said...

Love the inner peace sign. Now let's hope that most people take it in a cheeky, fun way that makes them think more than shop? :)