Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The City Museum - A Few Last Critters

Getting tired of all these pictures of the City Museum? Our little friend on top seems to be and looks like he or she is headed off for a lizard nap. It's keeping its ears open, though, in case of trouble such as intrusive photographers. The other pictures below are of this and that around the museum's World Aquarium, including - can that be right? - an apparently submerged U "R" Us. That's it from the City Museum for now.

WHAT DOESN'T TASTE GOOD: eew, this Spanish red wine I started to sip tastes like it has almond extract mixed into it. Down the drain.

it's dynamic.


Virginia said...

OK, I was a big girl and the lizards didn't freak me out like the snakes did. I have enjoyed the trip to your neat museum. I would like one last corn dog though.

Unknown said...

Fantastic picture: a lizard taking a nap!... :-)

ananda.tashie said...

Gorgeous creature. :)