Friday, March 7, 2008

Restoration: Behind the Scenes

Over the last few weeks, I've had a couple of posts about the Chase Park Plaza, St. Louis' grandest old hotel, and the restoration work that is restoring its glory and bringing it into the 21st Century. The lower of the two conjoined buildings, the Chase, has undergone complete renovation of all the hotel rooms. The upper two-thirds of the tower, the Park Plaza, is being converted to luxury condominiums, The Residences at the Chase Park Plaza. One of the parters in the project saw my first post on the topic and invited me over to photograph the work.

We start in one of the construction elevators. I think the blue paper covering the floor buttons is crazy design. The fluorescent light inside the rough elevator and the tungsten light in the hallway make a color riot. It reminded me of a Robert Rauschenberg construction. More over the next few days.


Mitch said...

It reminds me of a Paul Gauguin painting. The colors are totally Tahiti. My, what broad strokes you have!

Great find, I keep studying it in attempt to cypher what they did. Is the blue painted on? Is the brown transparent?

Life is full of mysteries.

- Mitch in Minneapolis

p.s., when you so graciously mention me in your posts, could you link to me? I'd totally appreciate it! THX!

Anonymous said...

Interesting post.