Monday, March 3, 2008

Rabbit Punch

Are you a man or are you a timid rabbit? This burgh has some great outdoor sculpture for a mid-sized, Midwest also-ran. There was a good response here to the lighthearted Walking Figure, whistling a merry tune as he/she/it (your choice) strolls down Olive Street. This work, Nijinski Hare, is across the street from the hockey arena, daring the bullies of the Coyotes, Sharks, Predators, Wild and even the Broad Street Bullies of Philadelphia to take a swing at it. I had a post about it in the early days of this blog. It's return was sparked by a flash photography class I'm taking. We had an assignment to use fill flash on a backlit subject. This one knocked me out.

TOMORROW: The Cry of the Shortstop


Ming the Merciless said...

Excellent photo. I guess the flash works here because it lit up the otherwise dark belly region of the sculpture.

Been meaning to take a photography class at International Center for Photography (ICP) in Manhattan. But the classes are sooo expensive.

Olivier said...

superbe cette statue, elle pourrait sortir du livre "Alice au pays de merveilles"
haughtiness this statue, her could go out of the book " Alice to the country of marvels "

Anonymous said...

That's a fantastic picture!

Thanks for your comment on Glasgow DP - I don't remember the camera obscura but it's been over a year since I was at the Lighthouse and took the picture I used today, but I bet it is the same place. I'm glad you liked it!