Monday, March 17, 2008

St. Patrick's Day: Corned Beef, Cabbage, Guiness and Gratuitous Cuteness

More from Saturday's St. Patrick's day parade. It had it all, from Humvees with machine gun mounts to fuzzy puppies. Who can resist? No one, not even me. Think about what it will do to my hit count today.

As I mentioned, I spent yesterday at a photography seminar with Frans Lanting. He and several collaborators have developed an amazing interactive web site about the history of life itself, illustrated with his superb images. Check out



Jilly said...

Great series on St. Patrick's Day and a mighty cute little dog today.

Janet said...

It's interesting to see how many cities have St. Patrick's Day parades. Cute little dog.

Kate said...


Original Blessings by Robin C. Burns:

May soft gentle breezes brush o'er your face,
For each loving touch is God's warm embrace.
May you have enough for all that you need,
And never be hurt by another one's greed.
The Lord keep you safe from terrible things,
And at the end of this life, lift you up on His wings.

Happy St. Patrick's Day and may the Leprechauns be good to you!

isa said...

Cute! Glad they did not dye the puppy green...

Ming the Merciless said...

Belated Happy St. Patrick's Day.

Did you know that the Queens St. Patrick's Day parade starts at Skillman and 42nd Street, a block from your old apartment? The marching groups lined up along 42nd Street right under the LIRR bridge and marched down Skillman to 61st Street in Woodside.