Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thursday Arch Series (With Some Other Stuff)

When the wind blew, the flag in yesterday's post twisted around the cable holding it up. The flag was nearly translucent and my eye was caught by the weave of the red and white stripes with one another.

This photo looks east down Market Street. The Arch dominates everything in our city center. It is our friendly, elegant giant, standing by the great river, always ready to entertain us.

Unrelated product plug: this week's posts have been prepared on my new MacBook, the best computer I have ever used, period. My office and family have used Windows since way back when. I got my first Mac for my personal work almost two years ago. Switching from Windows to Mac reminds me of the old joke: "Why do you keep banging you head against the wall?" "Because it feels so good when I stop." My head doesn't hurt any more.

TOMORROW: The Agonizing Wait

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