Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Patriotism on Market

It seems like major public events in St. Louis must be attended by a pair for fire department crane trucks holding a huge flag over the street. The top picture is looking southwest at the intersection of Market Street and Tucker Boulevard, a major downtown crossing. The St. Patrick's parade marched underneath the display. The second pic is straight west on Market toward the parade starting point.

The big building in the foreground is City Hall. Its design is said to be loosely based on Paris' Hôtel de Ville. (Your opinion, notre amis Francais?) Well, maybe kinda sorta. Actually, I prefer our building's honey and rose stone to Paris' plain gray granite. I was very lucky with the light on this shot, bringing out the building's color and making the flag glow.

TOMORROW: Thursday Arch Series (with some other stuff)


Anonymous said...

Well that is a large flag. It works for the parades I guess. Nice photography too.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville, Ohio

U "R" Us said...

Really nice (wide angle?) shot on the top one. Seems almost panoramic within the normal frame. Something about the misty vanishing point of Market Street does that for me I think.

iBlowfish said...

I like picture on the top. Cool wide angle shot!

Rambling Round said...

That's a huge flag! Great for a parade.

Mo said...

Great photos, by the way the truck are Hook and Ladder Trucks.

Abby said...

Old Glory as only the fire department could display her. I love the shot up above, too - I need to see the arch someday. It really is beautiful.