Monday, March 31, 2008

Baseball Opening Day

Today is opening day of the St. Louis Cardinals season. I do like baseball. It's the only sport I follow. It can seem both bewilderingly complex and slow to the uninitiated but we devotees love it for its chess-like intellectual strategies coupled with bursts of superb athleticism. On the other hand, the ever-growing role of money in every aspect of the sport can sour the experience. Nevertheless, ShadowyOne and I will be there, cameras in hand, to document the crowd and action.

The back of new Busch Stadium bumps up against an elevated highway and a railroad trestle coming off a bridge over the river. This picture can play a little figure-ground trick with your eye. The hopper cars are not supporting a display of the team's past achievements but are a few dozen meters in front of the stadium wall.

EARLY EVENING UPDATE: Well, the storms rolled in and they called the game with the Cardinals leading 5 - 1 in the bottom of the third. The Rockies and Cardinals will try it again tomorrow night. Plenty of good pix today, though.

TOMORROW: Monthly Theme Day - Water (and April Fool!)


Olivier said...

je suis pas trop fan de baseball (on a une équipe a Évry, assez moyenne) mais je trouve cette photo très graphique, j'aime beaucoup
I am not too much fan of baseball (they have a team has Évry, rather medium) but I find this very graphic photograph, I like very much

Nathalie H.D. said...

Oooooh you're right, tomorrow is both theme day AND April Fool. I must remember that and add a twist to my photo! (you'll be the only one to know)

Congratulations on your first year of photos. I agree with you that the monk reading the paper is one of your best but you've done many good ones in the past year.

Your "Meriwether Lewis Goes Under" of just a few days ago is milk and honey to me. I wouldn't mind having a copy of that in print.
Keep up the good work!

Unknown said...

I'm a native St. Louisan who has been away for over 35 years. My brother and sister and their families still live there, and my heart still grows warm when I think of the city. I enjoy your photos and your blog so much - so enlightening, informative, and entertaining. Your "eye" is wonderful. Thanks for this - I never miss a day. My 92 yr. old Dad is in St. Louis and will be at Opening Day today with my sister - section 137 or 134 I think - you guys have a good time. Go Cards!

Mitch said...

Great composition, I love the repetition of the shapes. I can't wait for tomorrow...

- Mitch

ben wideman said...

happy opening day to you too!