Sunday, March 9, 2008

Restoration: Behind the Scenes, Part 3

All that bare concrete in yesterday's post will be transformed. One of the owners of the Chase Park Plaza who invited me to photograph the restoration left me free to play in the model apartments. The finish work in The Residences at the Chase Park Plaza is of a very high standard. Buyers can personalize to their own tastes.

These pictures are also about fun with flashes. I recently got the gizmo that operates some Canon strobes remotely. The control unit is on the top of the camera, where the flash usually sits. You can put the flash unit wherever you want. In the top photo, it is lying on the floor just out of the picture, pointing up at the tub. In the bottom center, the flash is wedged in the pipes behind the tub, pointing up. The picture of the shower on the bottom right has it hidden behind a washcloth. In the bottom left, the flash is under a glass bowl in the wall unit.

TOMORROW: A man and his horse.


Chuck Pefley said...

Lovely effect you've managed with your wireless flash arrangement. Fun to play with isn't it? And with digital you can review your effect right away. Very nice!

iBlowfish said...

Very impressive interior. I like the effect from your flash to the picture in middle from lower photos. Brilliant idea to put it on the back of tub. With that effect it looks very expensive tub.

Unknown said...

It's gorgeous!

Troop 1309 said...

Very nice shots. Thanks for explaining the flash. I really like the look.