Friday, August 10, 2007


There was something fun to do for everyone at Strassenfest last weekend. I had fun taking pictures. This couple had fun increasing their g-forces in a centrifuge. The two of them remind me of the old nursery rhyme about Jack Spratt.

This weekend's event is the St. Louis Hispanic Festival, held downtown on the same site as Strassenfest. The Cardinals are home this weekend just a few blocks away, guaranteeing cursing drivers. Last weekend Germans, this weekend Latinos. Our big Japanese Festival is not until the first weekend of September. What fills in the gaps? Maybe I can get those damn
kids co-contributors of mine to cough up some material.


Olivier said...

c'est un manege qui est amusant à faire. Belle photo, j'aime beaucoup le ton que tu lui as donné. Bon Weekend

it is a manege which is amusing to make. Beautiful photograph, I like much the tone that you gave him. Good Weekend

JaamZIN said...

this photo is a masterwork!

Anonymous said...

Ah, he is surely a happy man. Baby's got back, indeed!

Blather From Brooklyn

Unknown said...

You captured him perfectly. Great photo!