Monday, August 27, 2007

Émilie au Zoo

Hello, all. This is my first guest post for my dad while he's travelling. I took both of these recently at the Saint Louis Zoo, which is an amazing zoo, and not just amazing for a middling-sized town. It has some wonderfully innovative habitats, especially the most newly constructed ones. The second picture, for example, is in the fairly recently built hippo habitat, where one may look right into the pool in which the hippos swim (through plexiglass, of course).

Tomorrow: Smoke and Mirrors


Bob Crowe said...

Bravo, Émilie! J'aime les photos beaucoup et j'adore les hippos.

B, at DFW airport

Sasha said...

Welcome ShadowyOne! Wonderful photos. I love taking my son to the zoo. It's always such a wonderful place to go, no matter how many times you've seen all the animals. I guess it helps that we have one of the best zoos in the world!

I look forward to the rest of your posts while your dad's out of town! It looks like good photography is definately genetic for you guys!

Sasha said...

I just noticed on your profile that you have a cafe. What's it called? Where is it? I'd love to come check it out sometime!

ShadowyOne said...

Soosha: For the time being, I'm a manager with Panera; I was recently promoted, transferred, and opened a new cafe in South County. Eventually the dream is to open a restaurant of our own with my husband, a professional chef.

ShadowyOne said...

P.S. - Bob, do you "get" the title of the post? LMK if you do.

Ming the Merciless said...

I absolutely love the hippo photo. I read that they can get really aggressive and are very dangerous but this one looks like a sweetie.

Anonymous said...

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