Sunday, August 26, 2007

After The Storm

Our power was out for 27 hours. My wife and I spent Friday night in a hotel. The experience reminded us how totally dependent we are on technology. Power outages from severe thunderstorms and ice storms are common in our area. Last summer, a huge storm system knocked out power for over 300,000 customers in the St. Louis area (our home was spared.).

The first picture is the street a couple of hours after the storm passed. The second is part of the tree that knocked down the power lines after the branches that hit the cables were trimmed away. The owner of the van was in the vehicle when the tree hit it. He was not injured.

Beginning tomorrow, new team member ShadowyOne will post pictures here while I'm on a long journey to China. I will try to upload photos during the trip, probably starting Thursday in Shanghai,


Neva said...

We have lots of these types of trees.....after the storm.....lots of outages...have a great trip to China.

lv2scpbk said...

Wow! Glad your family was safe. Have a nice trip.

Olivier said...

impressionnantes tes photos.Waouhhhh.
Bon voyage en chine, et reviens avec des tonnes de photos

impressive your photographs. Waouhhhh.
Happy voyage in China, and return with tons of photographs

Sasha said...

The 1st photo looks almost like a photo I saw on Glad the owner of the van was ok!

I'm willing to bet my in-laws lost power. When I was living up there (in Florissant) we lost power for all the big storms. I guess there's something about the area. I remember several days last summer sitting around in the basement, walking around with candles and haing to leave work because of the big storm of the winter to try and find somewhere warm for everyone to stay for awhile while power was out.

Enjoy Shanghai. I'm so jealous, I never go anywhere cool!

Ming the Merciless said...

I am excited and looking forward to your photos from China.

Have a good flight and an enjoyable trip.