Sunday, August 19, 2007

Dirt Track Racers

Automobile races are often held on Sunday all around the world, so why not at STL CDBP? Back at the Washington County Fair, the noise level was high and the dust was flying. I have no idea how big the engines were in these vehicles or what kind of money was at stake. A big crowd waited for spinouts and wrecks while an announcer yammered about total points in the summer racing series. I assume all the drivers still had weekday jobs. Nobody knew from NASCAR and the NHRA where I grew up in NYC. Hell, you were lucky to go faster than a crawl on the Long Island Expressway near where I lived. People called it the Long Island Distressway, the BIG LIE and the Longest Parking Lot In The World. To us, racing meant the dash into a subway car before the doors closed.

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Sasha said...

All this reminising about your home reminded me of Manslaughter...erm Manchester. It's always impossible to turn onto it from my street. This is partly thanks to being smack in the middle of Brentwood Blvd and Hanley so whenever there's a (small) clearing in one direction there's massive traffic in the other. And it doesn't help that you have to inch out onto Manchester in order to see past the damned plants out front of the shop on the corner so by the time you can see if there's any cars coming you're being run over by them. Not near as bad as the Long Island Expressway I'm sure, but it's definately gonna be much worse with the 40 closings. Ugh!

Oops, sorry. Didn't mean to rant so much there. Erm...have a nice evening!