Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Dedicated to Art and Free to All

As my father draws a lot of inspiration from the Arch (near which he works in downtown Saint Louis), I draw a lot of inspiration from the many and varied attractions in Forest Park. I attended high school a stone's throw away from the Missouri Historical Society Museum in the park; since becoming an adult, I have lived in the Central West End neighborhood near the park for over five years. Almost all of the atrractions in Forest Park are free: the title of this post is the motto of the Art Museum. Even though admission is free (supported by donations and taxes), many of the museums and attractions are truly world-class (see my first post regarding the Saint Louis Zoo).

This was taken at dusk from the front of the Art Museum, and just slightly down the steep hill below (known city-wide as a fabulous place for sledding in the wintertime). The statue at the right is Louis IX himself.

Tomorrow: even more sultry lighting (I can't get enough)


soosha_q said...

Oh I absolutely adore the art museum. There's really no place I'd rather go. Unfortunately, having a 3 year old doesn't lend itself to too many trips. I need to get there within the next couple of weeks though so I can see the Napolean exhibit! That is one I can not miss!

BTW, very nice photo. The lighting, the angle, everything is perfect!

Olivier said...

lumiere magnifique, et superbe athmosphere avec ce ciel

splendid, and superb light athmosphere with this sky

Ming_the_Merciless said...

Wow, what an amazing building and statue on the front lawn.