Thursday, August 30, 2007

Rosy-fingered... dusk

Taken at the Cardinals game on the Fourth of July. I love the composition and the light and colors (of the dusk and clouds, of the green on the hotel roof and red of its sign, and of the outfits of the fans), though unfortunately there is a bit of noise in the picture due to the neccesity of shooting with high ISO (Emily needs a more advanced camera, with dSLR, hint, hint).

About my guest posts: so far, I have been recycling some photos taken in the past few weeks to contribute to the blog (no free time lately to take more), but hopefully I will have some great stuff coming up this weekend and after. Saint Louis has so many cool things going on (to photograph, natch) on Labor Day weekend: the Japanese Festival at the Missouri Botanical Gardens, the Big Muddy Blues Festival on the Landing, and the late summer highlight of my own neighborhood, the Greek Festival at St. Nicholas Orthodox Church. And... I may actually have a little time in which to go see some of it (although it may involve dragging the ball and chain around, too, since it is also the weekend of our first wedding anniversary). Hope to have some good new stuff to show off.

Tomorrow: How sweet it is

P.S. 你好 to Bob in China! Hope you're having fun!


Steve Buser said...

Totally unique baseball game shot. I love it.
--steve buser
New Orleans Daily Photo

Ming_the_Merciless said...

Cool Chinese characters.

Bob, hope you're enjoying China.