Friday, August 17, 2007

Mexican Groove

Another performer from last weekend's Hispanic Festival.

There was an all-brass group (with singer and percussion) called Banda Tesoro, or Treasure Chest. They were hot, and they should have been, playing on an afternoon that reached 104 F./40 C. The temperature never slowed down their pulsating Mexican groove.

I'm as white an Anglo as they come but I really enjoy the energy and rhythm of Latin American music. One of my favorite travel memories is of sitting in a restaurant in Mexico City on Independence Day, as several mariachi bands entertained the crowd. One of the groups played an unimaginably intense version of La Bamba.

If you have had memorable experiences with music or other arts away from home, share them with us.


Olivier said...

Pour repondre à ta question, j'ai fait ce collage en mettant à la place de la tete du KING, des photos de mon Teddy Bear Amedée (pas facile de donner des expressions à un Teddy Bear ;o) ).
Non plus beau souvenir de musique, c'est des concerts de Jacques Higelin : un dans un champs, et un autre dans une cour d'ecole

To answer your question, I made this joining while putting at the place of the head of the KING, the photographs of my Teddy Bear Amedée (not easy to give expressions to Teddy Bear; O)).
Either beautiful memory of music, they is concerts of Jacques Higelin: one in fields, and another in a schoolyard

Shek said...

nice portraiture. Thanks for letting me know the pop ups and error messages. I use mozilla at home and I do not get any pop ups but when on another internet service provider, I get pop ups. I do not know how to rectify them. Moreover, all my links on my website are a href... to links on blogger posts. So, i am not sure why you get cookie spam alerts. If you know how to eliminate these, let me know.

Ming_the_Merciless said...

Love the facial expression and jacket color. Very nicely done!!

Did he model for you OR was this a random shot while he was performing??