Friday, October 7, 2011


2001-10-06 Occupy STL 1
I went by Kiener Plaza before going home from work yesterday. The plan was to talk to the Occupy people, hear what they had to say and get some more snaps.

Those with whom I spoke had a general sense of anger at the far right, corporations and the rich, and against the government itself. I share at least the first two but isn't part of the idea to protect the state's ability to do what it can do best, to do what only it can do (like universal health care? hmmm?). Lots of us want a functional state, not see it marginalized. There was much earnestness and a strong sense of social morality, but the locals - perhaps the movement in general - had not yet defined goals and a strategy to achieve them. The sign below suggests a bit of naivete. I sincerely wish these people well but I hope they can move on from idealism to, as they say in Congress, ways and means. There is a very interesting discussion of these questions in today's New York Times here. Some commentators are encouraged by the fact that there is not yet a rigid set of commands.

The earnestness was leavened with art: the guitarist below played oh so sweetly.

Up to Chicago today to cheer on son and heir to the St. Louis Daily Photo fortune, U "R" Us, in Sunday's marathon. Again, that will limit comments. (I'm just full of excuses, aren't I?) We may have some more on this topic tomorrow, followed by the great city of Chicago.

2001-10-06 Occupy STL 2

2001-10-06 Occupy STL 3


PerthDailyPhoto said...

'It's all politics'...!! Have a great time in Chicago Bob!!

JM said...

In case you haven't watched The Daily Show (Oct. 5), here's the link:

billyB said...

We live in interesting times.

Carraol said...

Please bubblegum to those heroes! They got the bravery to do so!

nathalie, Avignon said...

Great portrait of that guitarist!
I'm really glad you're giving these guys a bit of exposure. They need all the help they can get. So do we for that matter. This world needs all the help it can get!