Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hook, Ladder and Flag

As I've shown before, the St. Louis Fire Department goes to public events with two gigantic hook and ladder trucks and suspends an enormous flag from their cranes. This shot is from the St. Patrick's Day parade. I like it because almost all that shows of the flag is the swooping red and white stripes.

1. Ahhhhh. I was exploring new dimensions in overwork this past week. It's over and next week isn't so bad. Might actually get some shooting in today. 2. Woo hoo! Three of my pictures were accepted for the next group show at the Soulard Art Market gallery. Never had my stuff in a gallery for sale before. They've all been on the blog: this one (top photo), this one and this one (top photo). 3. Oh oh! Mrs. C.'s mew hip replacement popped out of the socket last night. I'm actually writing this in a hospital ER (with free WiFi - how considerate). They just popped it back in and we'll be home in a while.

Saturday Morning Note:
our patient is fine. The doctors waited until the short-lasting anesthesia wore off and then sent us home. Thank heavens we're among the Americans who have health insurance.

to be determined but, as I said, I hope to shoot some new stuff today.


cieldequimper said...

The picture is gorgeous as usual and hey congrats!!! That London Eye was a fantastic shot.

koala said...

I was wondering what is this city like and tada comes your blog.

cieldequimper said...

P.S: hope everything goes well for Mrs C.

Virginia said...

well congratulations again Bob! I hope you make some money. That's something I'm still waiting to do! HA

Hope C. is ok now. That must have been scary. Now I see why you left a comment on m y blog so late!!!

PS Love the flag against that blue, blue sky!

Julie said...

Excellent photo. I love your Old Technology photo.

Snapper said...

You're so right about the flag, just the stripes makes the photo. And congrats on the show. All 3 images are winners but there are so many more that might just have easily been chosen. Best regards to Mrs. C.

Sharon said...

This is a beautiful shot. Congratulations on the gallery entry. The photos you have chosen are great.