Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The City Museum - Ball Pen


Under the bridges, turrets, tunnels and derelict Sabre jets featured in yesterday's post about Monstro City are a couple of pens or cages or I don't know what, full of light plastic balls. Kids love it. They tumble around on the spheres, bury themselves beneath the balls and then suddenly pop up, barraging their friends. Adults were sitting on the edges, just watching. Why didn't any of them dive in? I probably would.

WHAT MADE ME FEEL GOOD TODAY: I was leaving a legal hearing in the suburbs to drive back to my office downtown. I turned on the Vox channel on XM Satellite Radio and they were playing Philip Glass' Satyagraha, about the life of the young Gandhi in South Africa. It's my favorite opera of the 20th Century. This is a minority opinion but I think it's fabulous.

TOMORROW: the City Museum's homage to the corn dog.


Sally said...

My son used to love these ball playpens when he was little! I think they'd be great and wished they had them when I was that age :-)

Sydney Daily Photo

Virginia said...

I think this is a great photo today. I love the light and the shadows and the point of view. After looking at the bottom photo I am amazed you got such a great shot!

angela said...

Great photo...I saw it on the daily photo updates and couldn't resist visiting. I've seen the ball parks here too though the balls are usually smaller.

PJ said...

Yup, definitely the quintessential kids mosh pit. I love watching them disappear and then resurfacing.

Saretta said...

Looks like a miniature boy fell into a gumball machine! What fun!

ananda.tashie said...

The balls when I was a child were much smaller. Are they now deemed a choking hazard? (grin). As for adults watching... you get that at parks too. If I have to be at a warm, smelly park, I'm going to whee down the slide too, if the whim hits me, thank you very much. Then again, maybe there was an age limit on the ball thing - places are mean like that. :)