Thursday, November 17, 2022


I used to post a photo of the Gateway Arch on most Thursdays. However, after 20-something years of digital photography (early adopter) and many thousands of shots of this thing, it's hard to come up with something new. This caught my eye, though, when I was walking around on the levee. I have no idea what the reference is. As far as I know, nothing special happened here in 1950. The planning, design competition, engineering and construction of the Arch spanned decades. It was opened to the public only a couple of months before I showed up here for college in 1967. 

In a sense, 1950 was my gateway to here, being the year that the universe dropped me off by another big river, the Hudson, with no hint that I would spend most of my life just west of the Mississippi.               

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Barbara R. said...

Well, back when the muddy Miss was flowing strong, we might have been two tugs passing in the night...poetic stretching I know! I arrived in St. Lou in 1950! And left in 1963! So actually we never would have met until now, after all!